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Why We Partner With Vena?

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Shorten planning cycle times and maximise accuracy.

Shorten your planning cycle time by 50% while reducing errors and time spent on maintenance. With Vena, you can easily create workflows that automate budget routing, reviews, and approvals.


Predict short and long-term revenue with greater accuracy.

Accurate forecasting requires up-to-date numbers you can trust and knowing what drives revenue. Vena centralises and automatically routes up-to-date pipeline data to the right people. This ensures everyone is always working with the same numbers. Then, enterprise-level reporting and modeling makes it easy to turn this pipeline data into decision-ready visuals and insights.


Make better decisions faster with real-time insights.

Stop making today’s decisions with yesterday’s insights because it takes too long to create and manually distribute reports. Vena automatically aggregates and consolidates your data in a central database. Transforming this data into high-level and deep-dive reports is easy.


Prepare regulatory reports you can trust ahead of schedule.

Submitting regulatory reports late or with errors can result in a drop in stock value or worse. By integrating your external reporting data, automating review processes with audit trails and version control, Vena keeps reporting accurate and on time.


Shave days off your financial close process.

The financial close process doesn’t need to feel like a constant fire drill for your accounting department. Vena saves you time by consolidating your ERP and G/L data, then automating the distribution and review processes that slow you down.

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